Now more than ever, buyers and sellers need to be engaging lawyers that are registered and experienced with digital conveyancing platforms such as PEXA. As restrictions tighten, transactions that are being done by paper face an increased risk of falling over due to multiple parties having to meet face-to-face.  All PEXA settlements are done online. This means they can be done remotely from anywhere internet is available.

The benefits of PEXA:

  • Transfers register immediately at the Titles Office.
  • Money is deposited immediately into the Seller’s bank account as clear funds.
  • Money is transferred immediately into the Agent’s bank account as clear funds.
  • Settlement Notices are sent automatically to the Agent.
  • The outgoing mortgagee does not need to attend.
  • The incoming mortgagee does not need to attend.
  • The seller’s solicitor does not need to attend.
  • The buyer’s solicitor does not need to attend.
  • Settlement agents do not need to attend the Title’s office.
  • Settlement agents do not need to attend banks to deposit client funds.

For the protection of staff and the community; and for the greatest chance of having contracts settle, we encourage you to refer your clients to a PEXA certified and experienced firm. With PEXADocuSign, cloud based software, online Verification of Identity and Zoom meetings, the risk of sales falling over due to the current restrictions is significantly reduced.

As early adopters of new technologies HQF Lawyers are in a position to help our community and business partners continue to operate through this challenging time. Our Coolangatta office is currently staffed by only one person to take all phone calls and collect mail. All other staff are working remotely with access to all files electronically and able to take appointments via Zoom.

All our settlements are done via PEXA with one exception – where the solicitor acting for the other party is not using PEXA. These are the contracts that have the greatest risk of falling over. Help us help your buyers and sellers – by referring to PEXA Certified lawyers.